Precise positioning

ECU, Generation 3, Intelligent brain

Self-developed BOMOS V3:.0 intelligent communication system
Bikers and Bikes connected on cloud.

Stable data transmission | OTA function - remote upgrade | Quick GPS positioning

Excellent safety
& Flexibility

Front/rear disc brake+EBS assitant system

Quick response, shorter breaking distance.
Re-cooperation, extended range.

*These data tested by rider with weight 70kg, at 20km/h. Braking distance could be different with different rider at different road conditions.

More sensitive control

FOC vector controller 3.0

Precise control, New torque loop,
linear output of power, higher efficiency

Excellent performance

high efficiency kinetic motor

Customized developing for City transportation. Stronger magnetic steel with unique wiring way. Carry FOC vector controller 3.0 Improve the energy efficiency and range.

Better control
more safer

Frame made by carbon structural steel

Higher intensity and lighter weight, Less vibration, more comf ortable. Passed 500,000 times vibration test, amazing durability.

Digital contact


Comfortable touching.
Multifunctional buttons.
Higher stability.