New batteries - more range

Endless power means endless fun.

The SOCO TC uses the most modern lithium-ion batteries. The battery
can also be easily removed by opening the fuel filler flap and taken home
or to the office and loaded there. The 30 Ah battery pack will be fully
charged in about 5 hours and offers a range of up to 80 kilometers, with a
second battery even up to 160 km range.

2 concurrent batteries for more flexibility and range

Other than most electric vehicles, Super SOCO has got enough space inside to make use of two batteries simultaneously. Doubled batteries result in doubled range, which means 160 kilometres. You might also want to use just one battery, which will allow you up to 80 kilometres for cruising around on the roads.

Both battery packs are hidden below the hood and can be taken out in no time – without any tools needed. Their ergonomic handle will make it even more comfortable. When returning the batteries into the SOCO, they will be hooked automatically and locked for more safety.

How it works

BMS intelligent battery management system


The Battery Management System, BMS for short, is the electronic control
that monitors and regulates the condition of the battery. It is an important
part of the battery and provides the necessary cell balance. It prevents a
short circuit and protects with the over-temperature protection.

360° protection from

Overcharge Deep discharge Overvoltage Overheating Short-circuit Indifference

because of the intelligent Battery Management System (BMC)

More safety due to improved armour

Same as the leading car manufacturers of our time, the Super SOCO’s battery packs are perfectly protected from bumping and shaking.

This does not only refer to roughness of the roads, but also to unwanted dropping of the battery, falling over of the vehicle or in the worst case even to crashes and accidents. The integrity of the battery will not either be endangered, in case one or more cells break down.

That means the energy source of your moped is permanently intact and will work reliable at any time.

re charge ready for the next trip

There are two options for charging the batteries:

  1. You may charge each battery separately, directly at any power socket
  2. You may plug the Super SOCO’s charging cable into any power socket for loading both batteries simultaneously

Thanks to its revolutionary charging technology there is enough power to go for about 20 – 30 kilometres after only 20 minutes of charging. A full charge may take up to 5 hours. The dynamic charging process will ensure that all battery cells are well spared, providing increased lifecycles and continuous performance.

Recovering energy through the Electric Braking System (EBS)

Usually deceleration results in significant loss of energy. However, the Super SOCO will recover large amounts of this energy thanks to its all new braking system and will recharge the battery while decelerating. Practically you will not even notice any of these complicated processes going on below you, except for up to 10 % increased range as well as longer lasting battery cells.

Robust case made of aircraft-grade aluminium

The high quality Lithium-Ion cells of Super SOCO deserve to be protected properly. Therefore the battery’s case is made of extra light and robust Aluminum, same as used for the aircraft industry. With just about 11 kilograms the battery is easy to carry and can be taken out of the SOCO and transported comfortably.