Limitless performance

Endless power means endless fun

Leave conventional petrol engined mopeds behind you. The Super SOCO
TC sets new standards in the area of electric mobility due to its
performance-oriented combination of a brandnew Field Oriented Control
(FOC) and the powerful BOSCH electric motor. Whoever says “E-Mobility
isn’t fun” has definitely never been sitting on the SOCO TC.

High-performance electric motor

powered by BOSCH®

The SUPER SOCO TC is equipped with a completely new electric hub engine which is developed by SOCO together with BOSCH – to the worldwide leading manufacturer of high-quality electric motors – and is produced. He performs maximum 3000 watts and unbelievable 150 newton metres of maximum torque which are transferred directly on the street. bad smelling exhaust gas at all.

  • 150 N•m
  • 17°
  • 550 rpm
  • 3000 w
  • 92 %

Smart controlling unit

the Field Oriented Control (FOC)

To find the perfect balance between range and performance, the SOCO TC constantly checks your driving style and driving behavior. It’s also called the “brain” of electric vehicles, the Field Oriented Control (FOC) will monitor your requested horsepower from accelerator, transform it into smarter information and relay it – like magic – to the wheel of your vehicle. The result is simply phenomenal – the ultimate driving experience that unfortunately can not be described in words.

CBS breake system

for even shorter braking distances.

For a motorbike maybe exaggerated, but for the SUPER SOCO TC exactly properly. Hydraulic double piston brake systems, known from the motor sport are obstructed serially. The sensitive brakes allow to you extremely exact Handling in and before curves, also with wet conditions. 240 mm of brake disc in front and 180 mm of brake disc guarantee behind a sure and efficient braking with all conditions.

Smooth control

form much more comfort while driving

Super SOCO’s throttle and acceleration redefine the word “smooth” in an absolutely new way. The state-of-the-art vector control unit makes driving this vehicle easier, more comfortable and much more fun than ever before. It works seamlessly together with the FOC and will transform your hand’s throttle movement onto the road.

Shock absorber

Upside Down fork is the standard

The fork legs of the upside-down fork are arranged so that the inner tubes are down and carry the axle of the front wheel. The fork bridges, which act on large leverage forces, so lead the more rigid, outer tubes with the larger diameter. Furthermore, this construction has lower unsprung masses, which of course increases the wheel guidance.

Specially designed tire

for more comfort and maximum safety

Big wheels with dual Compound technology – softy side tunnel and harder tread means for a higher stability, also in curves.