Get excited

Endless power means endless fun

Leave conventional petrol engined mopeds behind you. The Super SOCO
sets new standards in the area of electric mobility due to its
performance-oriented combination of a brandnew Field Oriented Control
(FOC) and the powerful BOSCH electric motor. Whoever says “E-Mobility
isn’t fun” has definitely never been sitting on the SOCO.

High-performance electric motor

The Super SOCO will always fit to your needs

The Super SOCO is equipped with an all new electric hubmotor, developed and produced by BOSCH – the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality electric motors. It produces unbelievable 120 newton metres of maximum torque, which are transmitted directly onto the road. Having this engine sitting inside the rear wheel of your moped, you do not need to worry about loosing against petrol engined mopeds any longer.

Just within a couple of seconds you will reach the maximum speed (limited to 45 kilometres per hour) without producing any terrible noises or bad smelling

Smart controlling unit

the Field Oriented Control (FOC)

To find the perfect balance between range and performance, the SOCO TC constantly checks your driving style and driving behavior. It’s also called the “brain” of electric vehicles, the Field Oriented Control (FOC) will monitor your requested horsepower from accelerator, transform it into smarter information and relay it – like magic – to the wheel of your vehicle. The result is simply phenomenal – the ultimate driving experience that unfortunately can not be described in words.

Recovering energy

through the Electric Braking System (EBS)

Usually deceleration results in significant loss of energy. However, the Super SOCO will recover large amounts of this energy thanks to its all new braking system and will recharge the battery while decelerating. Practically you will not even notice any of these complicated processes going on below you, except for up to 10 % increased range as well as longer lasting battery cells.

Motorsport-grade brakes

for maximum braking performance

Maybe it’s too exaggerated to put brakes like this into a moped. For the Super SOCO, though, it’s just fine. It is equipped with hydraulic double-piston braking systems, known from the top-level motorsport, which allows you to handle the scooter precisely in and before curves, even under wet conditions.

Eventually you also need to trust your vehicle for decalerating properly and stopping your vehicle. Don’t worry about possible overheating of your brakes thanks to modern materials and air cooled braking discs.

Smooth control

form much more comfort while driving

Super SOCO’s throttle and acceleration redefine the word “smooth” in an absolutely new way. The state-of-the-art vector control unit makes driving this vehicle easier, more comfortable and much more fun than ever before. It works seamlessly together with the FOC and will transform your hand’s throttle movement onto the road.