Revolutionary design

Electric mobility that will definitely move you

Overview is everything. The SOCO’s grand display will show you all
information you need during your trip: current speed, remaining range,
driving mode, temperature and much more. Even strong sunlight will not
become a problem thanks to a special coating. Fancy backlight will help
you at night. What else could you want?

Our Design

E-mobility re invented

The creation When a sketch becomes reality

Super SOCO’s history started – like most other ideas – on a simple sheet of paper. Whereas most design ideas from all over the world will never be put into actual products or vehicles, SOCO’s designers were absolutely confident that they created the ultimate electric motorbike / moped. Its futuristic but natural look and its timeless character have been put into reality without any compromises. Created for E-Mobility of tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow.

Safe all around and visible at all times

An extra broadened lighting angle of about 270 degrees will make you visible for all kind of road-users, regardless of from the front or the back. After all you have got nothing to hide, because Super SOCO’s LED tail light looks spectacular from any angle at night.

Moreover, these LEDs are much more reliable and will last for far more than 1000 hours. So forget about complicated changing of lamps. With LED technology you will never have to be afraid again for driving home at night.

Perfect sight thanks to LED technology

Low beam as well as high beam with groundbreaking LED technology will guide you the way through darkness. The lamps’ light shines brighter than ever before in a perfectly clean white LED colour.

Up to 28.000 Candela of light are projected by 6 LED modules through glass lenses onto the road ahead of you to ensure maximum sight under dark conditions. The result speaks for itself: 5 times better light efficiency and increased visibility compared to conventional halogen lamps known from traditional mopeds..

light efficiency SOCO conventional light efficiency

Particularly the seamless LED circle for daytime running light, consisting of 30 single LEDs, will make the Super SOCO an eye candy at night and day.

By the way

Thanks to LED technology the energy use is minimal, which will provide you with more range and power for your trip.

100 % well thought-out

The Super SOCO will always fit to your needs

Even before the first prototype of the Super SOCO was finished, the engineers’ focus has always been on the driver. A smart storage compartment is hidden under the automated hood. It provides you with storage for your personal things like your smartphone, your wallet, your keys, but also for the charging cable.

Both the battery packs and the storage compartment are fully and easily removable..

Good design adapts to the driver

The Super SOCO will always fit to your needs

To save you from tough, long lasting and exhausting trips

You have to find your perfect sitting position. The Super SOCO can be adjusted, just the way you like it. You might want to lower the foot rests in order to sit more comfortable. This can be done in just a few seconds, as well as adjusting the ground clearance, suspension and much more.

These adjustments will also have significant impact on the vehicle’s dynamics. Whether sporty and direct or comfortable and smooth, adapt the Super SOCO to fit your personal needs.